Boraxine - Brown Owl

Image of Boraxine - Brown Owl


Manufactured by J.D. Larkin & Co.
196-198 Chicago St. then 653-695 Seneca St.
Buffalo, New York

Boraxine (For Cleaning) was advertised with many slogans; such as, “Is Cheaper Than Soap”, “Will Not Injure The Fabric”, “Every Grocer Keeps It”, “Is Pleasant For The Hands”, “Saves Toil & Drudgery”, and “Try It‘”. Larkin also produced “Sweet Home Family Soap” (sold by street vendors), “Oatmeal Toilet Soap”, “Jet Harness Soap”, and “Glycerine”.

All images are giclee prints. We use only archival quality ink and paper. Our paper is 100% cotton and has a natural matte finish.

Prints are matted with a high quality mat board in neutral cream tones. Images and back board are hinge hung with an acid free artist's tape.

Framed images are framed with a black, solid wood, high quality frame.

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